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Business Insurance

Tailored insurance services for businesses of all shapes and sizes, so you can run your business with confidence.

Insurable risk identification

Mapping of the risks to be insured – current insurance situation and insurance opportunities.

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Insurance plan and company policy

Make the most of our professional expertise to find out more about different kinds of insurance, sectoral risks and insurance markets.

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Bidding for insurance and quotation analyses

Is your organisation currently seeking insurance quotes? Our long-standing experience and high degree of professional expertise mean that we are perfectly positioned to assist you whatever insurance you are looking for, voluntary or statutory.

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Claims handling

Accidents can happen without warning, and when they do the policy holder needs expert negotiating power on their side.

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Policy handling and management

The situations in organisations and markets are constantly changing. For this reason, constant monitoring is required in order to maintain insurance protection.

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Risk management services

When assessing risks, you will have the expert services of our authorised insurance brokers at your disposal. We will go through your company’s insurable risks with you.

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Credit insurance

Credit insurance protects your income and cash flow against sudden credit losses and customer bankruptcy losses.

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Guarantee insurance

One viable alternative to bank guarantees is guarantee insurance. It is a financial instrument in which an insurance company guarantees to a third party (subscriber, beneficiary), on behalf of its customer, the performance of the contract between them.

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