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Are you looking for the best insurance coverage for your company at the most competitive prices on the market? With the help of an insurance broker, you can get a solution tailored to your needs, whether it's a medium-sized or a large company. We take care of the tendering process for your company's insurance and, if necessary, obtain insurance from several insurance companies so that you get the best solution. This way you can fully focus on your business.

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Why choose Söderberg & Partners to manage your company's insurance?

1. Individual insurance solutions for your company

When it's time to think about your company's insurance needs, our experienced insurance broker is ready to help. We get to know your company in detail and offer a customized service in all insurance matters. You also get access to the innovative online service S&P Online, which allows you to monitor your company's insurance coverage in real time - regardless of the number of insurance companies or the size of your group.

2. Comprehensive risk management services

Careful risk assessment is the key to successful business insurance coverage. We help you identify the risks of your business and prepare for them with the help of insurance. We carefully familiarize ourselves with your business and its special features and identify the legal obligations by country. We will get you an insurance cover with no overlaps or unnecessary expenses.

3. International insurance expertise

Do you need insurance coverage for your international operations? With the help of our international organization and our partners, we can obtain the insurance coverage you need for your group's subsidiaries and foreign projects as well. Trust us when you need comprehensive international insurance expertise.

With the help of a broker, I save both time and money. Going through the insurance policies, negotiations and other regulations is an awful lot of work and a lot of details. I want someone else to handle the whole insurance show for me.
Kim Heiniö
Toimitusjohtaja, Soupster Family
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High Level of Service

With a local presence around the country, our advisers deliver first-class service through innovative and tailored insurance solutions. We help manage threats and opportunities, so you can focus on your business and realise your visions.

Analysis-Driven Advice

Our advice is always based on a thorough audit of the insurance market by our analysts, where we identify the pros and cons of various insurance policies – so that you can be sure of your insurance cover.

Favourable Insurance Offers

Söderberg & Partners’ customers get access to unique insurance offers. Due to our considerable purchasing power as a representative of 35,000 business clients, we can negotiate more favourable prices and better terms.

Make an appointment with a broker

Would you like to discuss your company's risk management, insurance coverage and their development with an insurance expert? We are also happy to present our unique S&P Online online service. Book an appointment and we'll talk more!
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Insurance analysis as a basis for the company's insurance

In most cases, reviewing and optimising business insurance should start with an insurance analysis. In the insurance analysis, the broker evaluates the risks related to the company's operations and the possibility of insuring them. He also goes through the company's current insurance coverage and claims history in detail.

Based on this, he is able to determine whether insurance tendering would be timely and to assess what kind of savings could be achieved through insurance tendering.

You will always receive a written report from the broker, in which observations have been made about current insurances and possible changes to the current insurance coverage. We will go through our insurance-related recommendations carefully with you, leaving you with a decision on how you want to proceed in matters related to insuring the company.

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