HR consulting

We help you secure and attract personnel as well as offer the best possible employee experience. We advise in setting up and tendering personnel insurance, occupational health care and other benefits. You can also get help from us when you send employees abroad or want to enable remote work from abroad.

HR-konsultointi voi olla keskustelua ja sparrausta asiantuntijan kanssa.

We'll help when your workplace changes

An external HR consultant can also help during organisational changes such as mergers. During mergers, it is often necessary and sensible to compare and evaluate the merging companies’ occupational healthcare servicesemployee benefit packages and employee insurance coverage.

With the pandemic, the world of remote working changed radically in Finland. Remote work is widely appreciated and even expected in white collar field. Many Finns now also dream of permanent remote work abroad. Our HR consultants, who have worked in several international organisations, are also happy to help with international employee insurance issues.

We will ensure that your company fulfils its local legal obligations with regard to employee insurance.

Does your employee want to work remotely abroad?

Many people now dream of remote work from abroad. Our HR consultants, who have worked in international organizations, are happy to help with the twists and turns of international insurance. We make sure that your company fulfills its local statutory obligations also in terms of personnel insurance.
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