International insurance

International insurance requires not only experience but also contacts. We are there for you when it's time to head out into the world. We help you grow and succeed abroad while being prepared for risks.

Surveys and comparisons

Through our international insurance team and our extensive international network, we offer versatile and comprehensive international surveys and comparisons of insurers.

Global entities

We design global insurance programs and employee benefit packages for both small and large companies for a wide range of needs.

Acquisitions and investments

We acquire and invest insurance all over the world. You can get local expertise from us, regardless of location.

Compliance with the law

We ensure that the legal obligations concerning your organization are fulfilled in accordance with the laws of each country of operation.

Audits and analyses

We carry out audits and analyzes of insurances and personnel benefits, either for the whole entity or for sub-entities.

Global risk management

We help to improve risk management holistically, and you get appropriate risk management plans (Enterprise Risk Management, ERM) and risk surveys (Risk Survey) from us.

Global partners at your side

When the goal is a successful global business, expertise in international insurance is critically important. Through us, you can benefit from an extensive international network of brokers. We also help in choosing an insurance company.

Through our international insurance networks, it is possible for us to build a global risk management plan and we can utilize the best local expertise in each country. We also clarify the obligations related to local insurance legislation and ensure that they are fulfilled.

We help in the legal jungle

When your company has operations in different countries, the local rules and laws for each location must be taken into account in business insurance. It is possible to manage the entire insurance package from Finland. In case of damage, however, it is important that the insurance cover extends to all the places where your company operates.

If your company includes subsidiaries operating in different countries with local managing directors, you can protect the entire management at once with global directors' and officers' liability insurance (D&O insurance). Our experts will be happy to tell you more about the solution. We also offer services for pooling and harmonizing employee benefit packages worldwide.

Our experts on international insurance

Simo Hannula
Simo Hannula
Head of Network Sales, International Services and HR
Timo Laakso
Timo Laakso
Senior Account Executive
Bo Boedeker
Senior Account Executive
Helén Hägglund
Helén Hägglund
Senior Advisor, HR & Employee Benefits
Eveliina Illman
Eveliina Illman
Senior Network Coordinator

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