Optimising occupational health services for economic well-being

In a tight economy, you have to look for expenses that you can cut back on. It is rarely worth cutting back on occupational health services if only for the sake of employee welfare. Instead, it is worth optimising them. The simultaneous tendering of occupational health care and business insurance often reveals significant optimisation and savings opportunities. 

Helén Hägglund
Helén Hägglund 
Senior Advisor, HR & Employee Benefits
Tuija Mäntyniemi
Tuija Mäntyniemi 
Senior Advisor, Employee Benefits

Understanding the current services, costs and benefits of occupational health care is essential to achieving efficiency and cost savings.

Financial directors and CEO's in particular should keep abreast of these so that they can make decisions that will benefit both the company's finances and the wellbeing of its employees at the same time. Sometimes, external HR consulting can help identify areas for improvement.

Streamlining services does not always mean poorer service

An in-depth analysis of occupational health services and related business insurance policies often allows services to be made more efficient. In specialist sectors in particular, there is now a need to invest quite heavily in various employee benefits to attract and retain talent. Therefore, the word "efficiency" may have the unfortunate connotation of squeezing benefits, which is often not possible.

However, in the case of occupational health services and employee insurance, efficiency often simply means making more rational use of services and cutting back on duplication. In other words, optimising and buying services more rationally.

In many organisations, occupational health services in particular are often purchased on the basis of some kind of pre-packaged catalogue solution or the most comprehensive package possible. However, ready-made packages are not always the most effective solutions, and services should be tailored to suit individual needs. 

Another common challenge is that services are purchased early in the organisation's development and are forgotten over the years. In this case, the services are not sized or optimised for the current situation of the organisation.

Better service, cheaper price

Improving the way occupational health care is delivered can not only reduce costs, but also improve the quality and availability of the service. In our experience, even very small changes can bring big benefits for both the organisation and the employees. 

The key is usually to put occupational health services out to tender at the same time as staff insurance. This ensures maximum compatibility between the two services and avoids buying the same thing twice. We often find solutions and ways of thinking that have not even occurred to the client.

Working together to find the best solution

When we carry out analyses for occupational health care, we do the same as we do for insurance brokerage services. We obtain the necessary information from existing service providers through a power of attorney, compare it to the needs as well as market situation and prices, and finally present a written analysis and comparison, including our recommendation for the best solution. We aim to carry out the whole process in a way that minimises the workload on the client's end.

We discuss with the client the different options in terms of service content, modalities and costs. This ensures that the solutions chosen are as close as possible to the client's needs. Although we recommend the solution we think works best, the final decision always remains with the client.

Effective occupational health care is an investment

It is important to remember that improving the efficiency of occupational healthcare is not just a cost issue, but has a direct impact on the performance of the company and the well-being of its employees. More effective occupational health care can reduce sickness absence, increase employee engagement and help create a healthier work environment overall.

However, improving occupational health is an ongoing process. Keeping abreast of market changes and the latest developments ensures that services always meet current needs. This work can also be outsourced to a competent specialist.

We hope that this article will provide new perspectives and strategies to help you achieve your goals in the areas of occupational health and personal insurance. If you would like to discuss your organisation's situation or hear more about how we can help, please contact us using the form below!

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