IQM Engages an Insurance Broker on the Recommendation of a Venture Capitalist

In a remarkably short span, IQM—a thriving start-up—has set its sights on commercializing quantum computers. To bolster their operations, comprehensive insurance coverage is essential.

“I was largely unaware of the existence of insurance brokerage until our venture capitalist advised us to utilize an insurance broker,” reflects IQM’s COO, Juha Vartiainen.

This start-up has secured tens of millions of euros in funding from various sources, including the European Innovation Council (EIC), Business Finland, and venture capitalists. Some of these venture capitalists also serve as advisors to the company.

IQM designs and assembles quantum computers for national research institutes, universities, and various high-performance computing centers. With offices in Espoo, Munich, and Bilbao, IQM’s canvas spans continents.

Within IQM’s walls, research and development takes center stage. The company boasts Europe’s largest team of industrial quantum device manufacturers. Their work demands an array of costly equipment.

“We’re a small firm with ambitious, large-scale projects,” Vartiainen succinctly summarizes.

Vartiainen expresses satisfaction with their collaboration with Söderberg & Partners’ broker. The company’s insurance matters have been seamlessly handled, providing true value for their investment.

IQM’s insurance policies currently span multiple insurance companies, including some international insurers.

“Without the broker’s assistance, I doubt we would have discovered foreign insurers and explored insurance possibilities. The benefits we’ve reaped far outweigh the costs,” Vartiainen concludes.

About IQM

IQM is a leading European manufacturer of superconducting quantum computers, producing quantum computers for research laboratories and supercomputing centers. Quantum computers are expected to offer entirely new possibilities in fields such as healthcare, machine learning, financial modeling, materials science, and chemistry.

You can find more information on their website:


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