Tendering for occupational health care

Occupational healthcare procurement involves two types of procurement in Finland, in fact: occupational healthcare services and the employee insurances used to complement these services. We'll help you find the best possible occupational health care and personnel insurance setup that meets all your legal obligations.

Cost savings

The result of tendering for occupational health care services is almost always cost savings. This is especially likely if the same service provider has been used unchanged for years.

Up-to-date occupational health

The occupational health care agreement is often put in place at the beginning of the company's operation, after which the agreement may remain the same for years. Most occupational health service providers strive to offer their customers the most comprehensive services possible. However, they do not always correspond to a reasonable cost level or real need. Therefore, the use of an expert in determining the correct level is important.


Extended occupational health care is often paid for through voluntary insurance. We ensure that insurance and occupational health care do not overlap. The part of the services that is not covered by your occupational health care contract is covered by your insurance. However, your personnel can easily do business at one address, because most insurers cooperate with occupational health providers for direct billing.

Occupational healthcare bidding

It is good to regularly analyse the content of occupational healthcare and the service provider. However, comparing can be difficult, because service provider packages consist of very different things and because the service providers use different billing models. Some prefer package solutions with more fixed pricing, while others charge for each service on a per-service basis.

When it comes to occupational health services, it is similarly important to assess the necessity and effectiveness of each service. You do not want to pay for a service that does not actually improve the well-being of your employees, after all. Sometimes companies also have overlapping contracts. You might be paying for the same thing both in the occupational healthcare contract and in employee insurance.


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