What does the top of the most sustainable P&C insurers' look like in Finland - See the latest report!

For the second year in a row, If received the top rating for sustainability. Pohjola came in second place. 

Söderberg & Partners publishes today the second report in a row on "Sustainable Non-life Insurance in Finland". The report analyses and assesses eight non-life insurance companies on the basis of their sustainability performance in claims handling, procurement, loss prevention, investment, awareness and cooperation, and employee training.

"A company with a green rating in a number of areas is actively working to manage and reduce the sustainability risks to society. The purpose of the reports is to help our clients make better choices by providing information on how each company is integrating sustainability into its operations. We also want to help insurance companies in their sustainability work. Together with clients and insurers, we can make a difference and create a safer and more sustainable world for all," says Joakim Seeberg, CEO of Söderberg & Partners Oy.

Ratings for 2024

According to the report, four insurers have been awarded a green rating in one or more categories:

  • If
  • LähiTapiola
  • Pohjantähti
  • Pohjola

The highest ratings were given to If, which received a green rating in all five categories, and Pohjola, which received four green ratings and improved significantly compared to last year.

The following were rated: 

  • AIG
  • Fennia
  • If
  • LähiTapiola
  • Pohjantähti
  • Pohjola
  • Protector
  • Turva

Relative valuation method

The report assesses the performance of P&C insurers in each product area on a relative basis, which means that the companies' sustainability ratings are placed in relation to each other. A company with a green rating works more actively on sustainability issues than a company with a yellow or red rating.

We assess sustainability in

  • non-life insurance for business, motor and transport insurance
  • investments
  • raising awareness and cooperation.

Companies receive individual ratings in the areas that affect their operations. This means that companies do not receive an overall rating, as all companies are assessed in different areas. 

Read the report

The analysis was carried out by Söderberg & Partners Wealth Management AB. The analysis is based on questionnaires sent to insurance companies and information publicly available on their websites and in their sustainability reports. Additional questions have been asked to ensure that the information is as complete and accurate as possible.More information on how the analysis was conducted, the criteria to be assessed and how the ratings are determined can be found in the report.  

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