Using insurance broker saves Soupster family both money and time

While going through firm’s insurance coverage with Söderberg and Partners Kim Heiniö, CEO of Soupster Family, noticed Soupster had been a great customer for their insurance company for over 10 years.

'My company has a wide variety of insurances. During the years we’ve paid high insurance premiums and reported only some smaller claims', Heiniö says.

'Insurance broker told me we are such a good and risk-free customer that there is certainly room for a negotiation.'

Söderberg & Partners conducted an in-depth insurance analysis for Soupster Family. The broker even found a few uninsured risks that could have caused a considerable loss in the event of damage.

Following a full insurance analysis Soupster's whole insurance coverage was put out to tender. The broker handled all requests for quotations, made a comprehensive comparison and analysis of the ones received, and negotiated the outcome with the insurance company.

Heiniö was so pleased with the service that he ended up signing an ongoing care agreement with Söderberg & Partners.

'Going through all the insurance is a terrible hassle and includes so many details. I want someone to take care of the whole show for me', he notes.

'I’m looking forward to seeing the outcome on any possible claims cases in the future. The broker will take those under his care in the future as well.'

A Recommendation From a Colleague Was Important

In the restaurant and catering industry there is a lot to consider when it comes to insurance. The company property has to be covered along with equipment used through leasing and in catering also customer's property. In restaurants their personalized interior design solutions are often the most expensive parts in addition to kitchen technology.

You also need coverage for possible business interruptions, such as an illness of key personnel or a salmonella epidemic on the premises.

Restaurants mostly operate in rented premises, sometimes e.g. in value apartments and shopping malls. Catering on the other hand is done in customers' premises which vary a lot. Equipment breakdowns or power outages are critical when storing perishable products. Melting freezer can also cause significant damage to the property.

'A colleague's recommendation was an important reason to try out a broker, especially since he is in the same industry. He said the insurance broker has expertise and that through a broker it would be possible to get a better price. So I did chose to try out a broker with price on my mind', Heiniö mentions.

Heiniö’s colleague had used an insurance broker, given up using it, and then returned back to the broker when the prices of his insurance began to rise.

Soupster Family

Soupster Family, founded by Kim Heiniö, includes 12 operating companies and 30 locations, with more than 200 employees. At the heart of Soupster's operations are personal indie lunch restaurants in Helsinki. In addition, the family’s activities include several dinner restaurants, bars, banquet facilities, event management, catering and a coworking workspace.

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