Using an Insurance Broker Saves Soupster Family Time and Money

While reviewing the firm’s insurance coverage with Söderberg & Partners, Kim Heiniö, the CEO of Soupster Family, noticed that Soupster had been a loyal customer of their insurance company for over 10 years.

Heiniö shared, “My company holds a wide variety of insurance policies. Over the years, we’ve paid high insurance premiums and reported only a few smaller claims.”

The insurance broker informed Heiniö that Soupster was considered an excellent and risk-free customer, leaving room for negotiation. Intrigued by this opportunity, Söderberg & Partners conducted an in-depth insurance analysis for Soupster Family. During this process, the broker identified several uninsured risks that could have resulted in significant losses in case of damage.

Following a comprehensive insurance analysis, Soupster’s entire insurance coverage was put out for tender. The broker expertly handled all requests for quotations, conducted a thorough comparison and analysis of the received quotes, and skillfully negotiated with the insurance company.

Heiniö was so impressed with the service that he decided to sign an ongoing care agreement with Söderberg & Partners. He expressed, “Navigating through all the insurance details can be a daunting task. I appreciate having someone take care of the entire process for me.”

Heiniö eagerly awaits the outcome of any potential claims in the future, knowing that the broker will continue to manage them effectively.

A Colleague’s Recommendation Played a Vital Role

In the restaurant and catering industry, insurance considerations are multifaceted. Beyond covering company property, it’s essential to address equipment leased for business operations and protect customer property. For restaurants, personalized interior design solutions often represent significant investments, alongside kitchen technology.

Heiniö’s decision to explore an insurance broker was influenced by a colleague’s recommendation. Heiniö explains, “My colleague, who operates in the same industry, emphasized the expertise of insurance brokers and the potential for better pricing. Considering this advice, I chose to try out a broker with cost-effectiveness in mind.”

About Soupster Family

Founded by Kim Heiniö, Soupster Family comprises 12 operating companies with 30 locations and employs over 200 people. The heart of Soupster’s operations lies in their personalized indie lunch restaurants in Helsinki.

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