Guarantee insurance

Guarantee insurance means that your company gets a guarantee from an insurance company instead of a bank. This frees up the bank's guarantee limit for other uses, for example for your company's growth investments or expansion abroad. Guarantee insurance is most commonly used in the construction industry and in connection with the manufacture of investment goods.

What is guarantee insurance and how does it work?

Guarantee insurance is a good alternative to bank guarantees. Companies use it as security doing business both in domestic and international business.

Our insurance brokers know the market well and can assess for you what kind of guarantee insurance your company needs. If you wish, we can also handle the guarantee limit to ensure the best conditions for tendering.

Issuance of policy

Guarantee insurance policy generally works the same way as a bank guarantee does. Guarantee insurers grant their client a guarantee limit from which individual guarantees can be written quickly and flexibly.

The granting of a guarantee insurance policy is based on an analysis of the company's financial position and future prospects. Insurance guarantee needs also have an impact on pricing.

The most typical guarantee insurances issued by insurance companies are

  • labor and warranty
  • RS (during construction, after construction)
  • delivery
  • advance payment
  • payment
  • customs
  • various permit (eg environmental / land use guarantees).

In addition to guarantee insurance we provide services related to e.g. risk management and credit insurance. Please don't hesitate to contact us and ask more about our services!

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