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Welcome to the modern era of insurance management. It's time to forget about sending insurance documents by email. We offer all our customers an online service where you can see all your insurance details at once - regardless of the number of insurers. Hassle-free insurance management 24/7.

All companies, all insurances

Easily diversify your insurance cover

With S&P Online, you can see all the companies in your group and their insurance policies at once - regardless of the number of insurers

Forget pdf files

For each company in your group, you can see the entire insurance coverage with prices, deductibles and contents. If you wish, you can also consult the policy conditions, which are conveniently attached to the policy information.

Check 24/7 from anywhere

S&P Online does not require separate application installations, but works as a browser version on both PC and mobile phone. Easily check anywhere, anytime details on any of your organisation's insurance policies.

Unique online service


Should I hire an insurance broker?

What is the benefit of an insurance broker and for what kind of organization? How do you recognize a good insurance broker? What contract models do brokers have? Contact us and we'll talk more!
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