Travel insurance

Comprehensive travel insurance cover for Söderberg & Partners' clients, issued by the insurance company AIG. The travel insurance applies to work and leisure trips of up to 90 days.

Business and leisure trips

Söderberg & Partners' travel insurance solution covers both business trips and leisure trips.


Travel insurance is valid anywhere in the world for a maximum of 90 days.

Covers all employees

The policyholder's employees under the age of 70, managers and board members in Finland and employees of subsidiaries in other EU/EEA countries are insured. (Insurance cover outside the EU/EEA countries can be arranged separately.)

Travel insurance tendered for completion

Content of travel insurance

  • Reimburses the treatment costs of a travel illness and accident extensively, and without an upper limit in euros.
  • Includes lump sums in case of death or permanent disability caused by accident and illness.
  • Covers luggage theft, loss and damage as well as luggage delay.
  • Covers the cancellation of a trip if the insured or a family member falls ill, but also if the authorities forbid travel or if the reason for the trip is canceled.
  • Travel liability and travel rights insurance.
  • Deductible from the rental car.
  • Lots of additional coverage for accidents and illnesses, as well as evacuation coverage.

You also get

  • AIG's travel safety online application that includes online training.
  • SOS International's HelpMe remote doctor service at your disposal.

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