Tendering business insurance

It is smart to tender your organisations insurance policies from time to time so that your your insurance remains at market price. In most cases, the tendering is postponed because the company is not sure whether it is the right time to tender. Tendering insurance can also be a laborious and difficult project. We'd love to offer our help in your tendering projects.

vakuutusten kilpailututs voi tuoda säästöä, mutta parantaa myös vakuutusten laatua

Work with our insurance broker to avoid over or underinsurance

An insurance broker is constantly monitoring the insurance market, so they have a good sense of the price range of business insurance. Most insurance brokers have also worked for one or more insurance companies, so they have practical experience about how the companies operate.

The insurance broker will use their expertise to identify different ways to optimise and improve insurance coverage. For example, a number of the companies we have analysed are either over or underinsured, have overlapping coverage, excessively large or small personal liabilities, and so on. At worst, this can lead to hundreds of thousands of euros worth of unidentified risks. 

We will first carefully review all your company's insurance policies and the company’s history of claims. Based on the analysis, we will tell you whether the tendering of insurance policies makes sense and what outcome you can expect. We will handle the tendering from start to finish, from the preparatory work to the insurance’s enforcement, so you can focus on other things.

Requesting insurance quotations

We prepare the invitation to tender for insurers and compile and prepare the attachments necessary for the invitation. We deliver and present the material to potential insurers. We handle all necessary negotiations about risk assessment, special terms and conditions and pricing.

Review of insurance offers

We compare the insurance offers we received to the original invitation to tender and evaluate whether the offer corresponds to the invitation. We make a written comparison of the offers and leave a recommendation of the best solution based on the comparison. The final decision remains with your company.

Summary and recommendations

We go through our recommendation in consultation and agree on how to proceed together. We make sure that your business has an enforced insurance coverage. If you decide to change your insurance company, we will take care of all the formalities related to the change of insurance company. It is a good idea to regularly tender business insurance. Send a contact request and tender your business insurance through us.

Tendering business insurance is worthwhile

Tendering for company insurance and active management of company insurance almost always bring significant savings as well as improvements to your insurance coverage. Most of our satisfied clients appreciate the expertise of their insurance broker - the cheaper prices are just the icing on the cake.
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What happens after tendering?

After a successful call for tenders, you can continue to work with us to manage your insurance matters on an ongoing basis. This is usually arranged while reviewing the tender results.

With us managing your company's insurance coverage, your insurance coverage will stay up to date and at market price. We will take care of day-to-day business, such as checking insurance-related mail and invoices, making the necessary changes, and updating your insurance coverage.

We will also assist your company in matters related to claims according to our contract. In addition to continuous communication, we will hold a separate annual meeting where we will go through all the annual needs for changes in insurance coverage.

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