We use cookies and other similar technologies on our website. You can choose for yourself whether you want to allow our websites to place cookies on your computer or not. You can change your choices at any time.

When you visit our website for the first time, we will ask for your consent to the use of cookies.  Necessary cookies will be installed regardless of your choices, because the site will not function properly without them.

If you have previously agreed to the use of cookies but have changed your mind, you can return to your cookie settings at any time and change your preferences. You can do this by clicking or tapping “Change cookie settings". You may also need to change your browser settings or delete cookies manually to clear previously placed cookies on your device.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file which contains data stored in the browser when you use a website. The browser will then allow the website to read the data contained in this cookie. Techniques and tools that retrieve and store data in your browser in a way similar to cookies are also called cookies.

There are three types of cookies:

  • Session cookies are used during a visitor session, and they disappear as soon as you close the browser window.  
  • Temporary cookies are stored for a pre-determined period, which varies between different types of cookies.  
  • Persistent cookies are stored until you decide to delete them yourself. Persistent cookies are used to remember the settings you selected on your previous visit, so you do not have to make the same selections again. 

You can always go to your browser settings and delete cookies that have already been set.

What cookies are used on our websites?

We use cookies

  • to identify your browser, to make it is easier for you to use our website
  • for collecting statistics
  • for targeted marketing.

We divide the cookies we use into four categories to make it is easier for you to make choices about cookies:

  • Necessary cookies: Cookies that are essential for the website to function correctly and securely. These cookies cannot be disabled.
  • Preferences: Cookies that are used to remember the settings you select and that affect how the website looks and works. Your browser's language preferences are one example of such cookies.
  • Statistics: These cookies provide information on how visitors use our website. They enable us to develop and improve our website and its user experience.  
  • Marketing: Marketing cookies are used to track users on different websites. The purpose is to provide more relevant and personalised marketing on different websites or channels based on your browsing behaviour.

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are stored by someone other than the company responsible for the website. Söderberg & Partners uses third-party cookies to ensure that our website functions securely and correctly, to analyse statistics, to market on different platforms and to monitor the results of advertising.

The third-party cookies we use are identified in the cookie notice at the bottom of this page. The policy also describes their purpose.

Managing cookie settings

You can change your selections and cookie settings directly on all pages of our website at any time. You can do this by clicking or tapping the “Change cookie settings” link at the bottom of each page. If you choose to refuse any cookie category, the cookies in that category will be disabled and will no longer search for data. If you choose to activate and accept a cookie category, it will start searching for data.

You can delete certain cookies from your computer or mobile device at any time. You can also disable's ability to store cookies in your browser. Disabling cookies in your browser is easy and only takes a few minutes. For more information, go to the "Help” section of your browser. Please note that if you choose to disable cookies, you may not be able to take full advantage of our website’s features.

For more information on how to disable cookies directly in your browser, see your browser's instructions:

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