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Directors' and officers' liability insurance (D&O insurance) is one of the most important business insurances. Good administrative liability insurance brings peace of mind and security to the work of directors and the board. As an insurance management client of Söderberg & Partners, you can purchase one of the best management D&O insurances in Finland.

Why D&O insurance is important

Director can always be personally liable for compensation

A member of the board of directors or the board of directors may be held personally liable for damages caused, for example, by negligence or ignorance.

D&O insurance covers, for example

  • advice from a lawyer
  • court costs
  • PR and crisis management costs.

D&O insurance is needed immediately

Most of the time, D&O insurance is already needed when it is first found out whether the manager or board member really caused the damage, because the lawyers' expenses start accumulating right away.

However, the vast majority of the D&O insurance policies only reimburse costs after the legal process has ended, in which case the costs must first be paid by yourself and collected from the insurance only afterwards.

The solution we offer differs from this, as it reimburses expenses as they arise.

D&O insurance that we offer is part of the high-quality group solutions we negotiate in advance, which we broker and build for our management clients.

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Different D&O insurances - what to take into account?

You should familiarize yourself with the contents of the D&O insurance carefully, because there are very different levels of D&O insurance on the market. Our D&O insurance has already been tendered, so its price-quality ratio is at the top level of the market.

When considering a D&O insurance, you should at least check:

  • which directors and board members are covered by the insurance
  • whether subsidiaries and new companies to be purchased and established are covered by the insurance
  • whether the insurance is valid everywhere
  • whether the defense costs are reimbursed already during the process or only afterwards
  • does the insurance include costs arising from official investigations, PR and crisis management costs, personal responsibility for taxes, requirements related to work and official relations, environmental damage, personal and property damage, and stock transactions
  • in which schedule the damage must be reported to the insurance company
  • are there any restrictions in the insurance.

D&O insurance is a business insurance

D&O insurance is business insurance. It is good to note that management liability insurance is a business insurance. This means that the leader cannot aqcuire it personally.

The company benefits from this insurance in many ways. With the help of the insurance, you are guaranteed e.g. that your director and thus your company will not be paralyzed when a crisis hits, but that you can immediately hire the best experts to help you sort things out.

Excellent  employee benefit. D&O insurance can also be seen as a employee benefit included in the executive contract, which top directors value and require. 

Excellent insurance coverage binds and helps attract the best talent to your team.

The number of compensation claims has increased. Damage or negligence caused by the management or the board of directors can affect the company, shareholders as well as external parties, such as the company's creditors.

Claims can be statutory, contractual or even criminal. The trend is that claims are presented by more and more different parties these days.

The best D&O insurance covers expenses immediately. Legal proceedings are almost always a long and expensive process, regardless of whether negligence has actually occurred. D&O insurance therefore provides security even in situations where negligence has not occurred.

Choose comprehensive D&O insurance

We have negotiated an already tendered solution for D&O insurance for our management customers. The insurance solution covers many details better than the usual administrative liability insurance. With the help of the solution, you get better insurance coverage at the same or cheaper price than in the usual option.
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An employee of the company injures his hand when his hand gets caught between an inadequately protected work machine. The managing director, production manager and foreman are accused of occupational safety crimes. D&O insurance covers the defendants' defense costs throughout the legal process. However, the D&O insurance does not replace the fines imposed on the managers by the district court for occupational safety crimes.


The CEO of a small company retires and the son of one of the board members is appointed as the new CEO. During Poja's managing directorship, the company's financial situation deteriorates significantly. A shareholder files a lawsuit against the board members. He claims that the board did not act in the best interest of the company by appointing the son of a board member who had no previous experience in similar positions as CEO. The lawsuit is not successful in court, but the case incurs defense costs, which are covered by the D&O insurance.

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