Employee insurance

Employee insurance is a legal requirement in Finland. Many employers also take out voluntary insurance policies, which can be used to cover a wider range of occupational health services than usual. Voluntary insurances are an important part of good risk management and valued personnel benefits. Nowadays, e.g. telecommuting insurance is really common.

Työntekijän vakuuttaminen vapaaehtoisilla vakuutuksilla on osa riskienhallintaa.

How an insurance broker can help with employee insurance

A skilled insurance broker can be invaluable when it comes to getting workers' compensation insurance. An insurance broker helps you think about what kind of insurance coverage your company's employees need.

A carefully planned insurance and personnel benefits package significantly reduces the company's financial risks and also often reduces sickness absences and incapacity for work.

The expertise of an insurance broker specialized in insuring employees and personnel benefits also includes taxation matters. If you wish, the insurance broker will tender the entire insurance package as well as your company's personnel benefits.

At the same time, it can be seen that your company has utilized all tax advantages and deductions in the best possible way and, if you want to compete, also occupational health care.

Mapping your needs

We go through the risks in your field as well as your insurance coverage and claims history. Based on these, we can determine the needs of your organisation. We create a list of possible deficiencies and services and insurances that are no longer needed.

Tendering for insurance and employee benefits

We'll manage the entire process in a way where you need to participate in the process as little as possible. We make requests for offers, go through all received offers and compare their suitability for your needs. If necessary, we will negotiate special conditions or other additional questions. We'll give you a recommendation for the most suitable options for your needs.

Overall management

If we end up signing a management contract, we will take care of all the day-to-day issues for you. We take e.g., insurance mail and we check the correctness of the invoices. We can also handle, claims, pension and benefit matters for you. At least once a year, we'll meet and go over current issues and updates to your organisation's insurance coverage.

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