An insurance broker helps you insure correctly

An insurance broker is your best friend when you want to save time and money in insurance matters. We help ensure that you don't pay for unnecessary insurance or leave gaps in your insurance coverage. Your own insurance expert helps to minimize the risks of your operation and obtains the best insurance solutions for your security - sometimes by selecting them from several companies. You can also get competitive group insurance from us.

Vakuutusmeklari on aina käytettävissäsi

Time saving

You save time when you don't have to search and compare options yourself or familiarize yourself with the insurance conditions of different companies. You get access to a wider selection of insurances when you can purchase insurance solutions from many different companies without spending any more time managing insurances.

Cost savings

You save money when you don't pay for useless, too expensive or duplicate insurances. You can also get cost-effective solutions from international insurance companies, whose only sales channel is insurance brokers.

Better insurance coverage

Your insurance cover is not a ready-made package solution, but made specifically with the needs of your organization in mind, combining solutions from different insurance companies if necessary. Your insurance coverage is built by a professional insurance buyer with a good negotiating position.

An insurance broker helps with insurance matters

A professional on your side

The insurance broker is on your side in insurance matters. We compare the offers of different insurance companies on your behalf and look for the most suitable, highest quality and cheapest insurance solution for you. As brokers, we know the special features of different industries in relation to insurance and are able to utilize our experience in negotiations.

Thorough risk analysis

We carefully go through the risks of your operation, help protect yourself from risks with insurance in the best possible way, and reduce and reduce risks with good risk management. We also advise when it's worth taking a reasonable risk and when it's better to get high-quality insurance coverage.

Help with claims and insurance matters

As our insurance broker client, we help you in all insurance and damage matters and advise you and your colleagues in any problems that may arise.

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This is what cooperation with a broker looks like

  1. Insurance analysis

    We recommend starting with an insurance analysis with a broker, where your current insurance coverage is examined in relation to insurance needs and the insurance market. We will also discuss whether it is the right time for your organization to tender for insurance. As a result of the analysis, you will know the risks of your operation and understand how the risks are currently protected with insurance. You identify the strengths and weaknesses of your insurance solution and have a written plan that you can use to develop insurance coverage.

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  2. Tendering insurance

    We ask the insurance companies for comparable offers, make a recommendation for the most suitable insurance cover and put the new insurance cover into effect on your behalf. As a result of the competition, your operation is insured in accordance with the insurance plan and the insurance has been purchased at the best possible price.

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  3. Insurance management

    We recommend continuous insurance management to most of our insurance analysis and bidding clients. When a professional manages your organization's insurance, you can be sure that insurance matters are always in order. We handle for you e.g. insurance renewals, changes and revisions of invoices. We manage all our customers in our unique S&P Online service, where the entire insurance coverage can be seen at a glance, regardless of the number of insurance companies.

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With Söderberg & Partners, we have been convinced above all by the professionalism of our broker. He has really thought about our insurance policies.
Elina Spillane
Hallinto- ja talousjohtaja, Suomen Konetalot
All the promises made have been redeemed. The broker is the face of insurance and risk management issues for us. The insurance company may change in the background, but our contact will always remain the same.
Harri Vainionpää
Toimitusjohtaja, Honkatalot
We noticed that when using an insurance broker, you don't have to go by the fixed catalogs of insurance companies, but you can negotiate better on a case-by-case basis about the prices and contents of the products.
Juhani Lehti
Toimitusjohtaja, Tampereen Konepajat

An insurance broker is a professional buyer of insurance

Do you sometimes feel that insurance companies can't find suitable insurance coverage for your organization or that the terms are unreasonable? Especially in such situations, it is worth using the help of an insurance broker.

Your broker can negotiate special conditions, clarifications and other necessary changes to insurance coverage with insurance companies. At Söderberg & Partners, as one of Finland's largest insurance buyers, we have an excellent starting point for negotiating the content of insurance contracts.

As part of a large Nordic group, we have comprehensive international insurance networks. This means not only the expert protection of your own international operations, but also the possibility of looking for insurance coverage on the international market when no suitable insurance can be found in Finland.

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