Employee benefit analysis

Employee benefit analysis gives an overall picture of what kind of employee benefits are in use, how much the personnel utilizes them and how much the benefits cost the company. We include in the analysis both, the personnel benefits offered through the an insurance and other benefits, such as lunch vouchers.

Henkilöstöetuanalyysi tuo selkeyttä henkilöstöetuihin.


The starting point is an analysis of your company's situation. We make a thorough analysis of your company's needs. We carefully go through your entire existing set of personnel benefits, with their good and bad sides, and identify possible shortcomings and weaknesses.

Employee benefits policy

Together with you, we plan an employee benefits policy specifically for your company's needs. A good employee benefit policy also takes into account e.g. the company's assignments abroad and other needs for international insurance of personnel.

Tendering and procurement

We'll tender on your behalf your insurance coverage, occupational health care and other service providers related to personnel benefits. If necessary, we will handle the whole setup for your company and take care of all the pieces in the puzzle.

Employee benefits analysis brings savings

Employee benefits can be a significant competitive factor when employees choose a new employer, especially when the employee is choosing between two similar employers.

On the other hand, an employer may unwittingly spend significant amounts of money on employee benefits that do not actually improve workplace well-being or job satisfaction at all.

The analysis of personnel benefits is particularly important in connection with various business arrangements and deals. In particular, this applies to situations where the personnel benefit has exceptionally become a condition of the employment relationship. According to the Employment Contracts Act, the essential conditions of the employment relationship cannot be weakened by old employees of the receiving company either.

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