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Söderberg & Partners

About Us


We offer especially large, international network and access to bigger markets. In contrast we offer also local, personal service. We have a large number of local offices.

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For Söderberg & Partners, sustainability means taking responsibility for the impact we have on our environment. Sustainability is a natural part of our business, and we are constantly working to improve ourselves in our day-to-day operations, in our analyses and in our counselling. 

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Part of Söderberg & Partners

Söderberg & Partners was founded in 2004 in Sweden when a group of long-term insurance specialists founded a new broker company. With high quality service and very good expertise Söderberg&Partners quickly became one of the largest brokers in Sweden. Now S&P have offices all around the Nordic countries and also in Holland and in Spain.

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Personal Data and Cookies

Responsibility for our personal data processing differs between the various companies within the Söderberg & Partners Group. The personal data we process on you depends on your relationship with Söderberg & Partners. 

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