Insurance analysis

An insurance analysis reveals the pros and cons of your business insurance. We analyse your insurance in depth and make sure that your organization and business are adequately and sufficiently comprehensively protected. With the help of insurance analysis, you can also compare the quality, coverage and price level of your insurance policies with what the market has to offer.

The insurance analysis provides information about your insurances

Insurance analysis is the most integral tool in evaluating the current state of a business’s insurance solutions and in assessing how comprehensive your insurance cover is in terms of risks associated with your business’s operations. When it comes to insurance analysis, investment in quality pays off. An insurance broker details the pros and cons of the insurances being examined during insurance analysis.

Analysis is conducted to ensure the good coverage of your company’s insurances and to assess the insurances’ cost level in relation to their contents and the organisation’s claims statistics. The high quality insurance analysis also looks into whether any insurances may be offered for risks that are currently not insured.

The results of the analysis can be utilised for defining the organisation’s insurance policies, i.e. its underwriting policy, as well as for tendering insurances. Insurance analysis is also a good tool for reporting risk financing organised through insurances to the upper management and in evaluating insurance-related matters as a part of a due diligence

We acquire background information

We acquire data on the client’s insurance policies and claims from their organisation’s insurance companies.

We analyse risks, insurances and damages

We analyse the acquired information and look into the client’s current insurance cover, the contents of the cover and cost level by insurance type.

Draft report

In our initial report, we list potential development areas in the client’s current insurance cover by insurance type as well as our insurance broker’s recommendations for improving the client’s insurance cover.

Joint workshop

We go over this report during a workshop together with a personnel group specified by the client.

Final report

We finalise this report with input from the workshop and deliver the final insurance analysis to the client.

Insurance analysis on a specific part of insurance cover

In general, it is recommended to analyse the entirety of a company’s insurance cover during the same process. However, with large insurance structures it may be in order to concentrate on an individual part of insurance cover, e.g. personal insurances or international insurance programmes.

Söderberg & Partners employs a large number of insurance brokers and people specialised in different types of insurances with expertise in insurances, risk management and claims management—our specialists cover your needs for analysis and development of every insurance line.


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