Ryhmäratkaisu on ryhmävakuutus, jonka ostaa moni yritys samanaikaisesti

A group solution offers better security at a lower cost

29 Nov 2023

Does your company already use group solutions negotiated by an insurance broker? Did you know that by purchasing a group solution, you get significant benefits for insurance coverage compared to purchasing insurance coverage directly from the insurance company.

Hannu-Pekka Mäkinen 
Insurance Broker

What group solution?

A group solution is an insurance tendered and negotiated in advance by an insurance broker, where several companies buy the same solution as a larger group. This offers the insurance company the opportunity to spread the risk, which is why the company is able to offer better protection at a cheaper price.

Broker's better purchasing power is based on the fact that we have a large number of customers who buy similar insurance. By centralising purchases, we can negotiate better products for our customers than would be available to an individual customer even with the help of an insurance broker. The insurance company also reduces its own risk when the risk assessment of the buying company has been done by a professional in the insurance industry.

A professional buyer knows how to find a better solution

When negotiating group solutions, we use not only our purchasing power but also our experience in purchasing insurance products and negotiating with insurance companies.

As professional buyers of insurance, we know what kind of security we need for our customers and what it is possible to ask for. That's why we can negotiate insurance products for our customers, where the protection is more comprehensive than the catalog products of insurance companies, the price is more competitive and the service related to the use of the insurance is better .

The group solution also supports international business

Group solutions are also useful when the company operates internationally and needs insurance coverage in different countries.

We make use of our extensive international network and strive to obtain unified insurance solutions that cover all markets where our customers operate. Our solutions naturally take local requirements related to legislation into account.

In the case of group solutions, we constantly monitor the development of the insurance market and update the solutions if necessary. This is how we make sure that you always have the best possible insurance coverage at a competitive price.

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