Almost 60 000 Euros to Save the Children

17 Feb 2023
During our international sustainability week our employees accumulated 58 907 euros to Save the Children by completing different sustainability challenges.

The money will go to the Red Alert Campaign in the Philippines, a project which works to educate children and youth about the effects of climate change and strengthen their voices in society.

The Purpose of Our Sustainability Week

On September 20-24, Söderberg & Partners arranged an international sustainability week for all employees in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands.

The purpose of the week was to inspire and educate Söderberg & Partners’ employees about economic, social and ecological sustainability. The goal was to get the employees to get a holistic understanding of sustainability and how each individual can make a difference through small behavioural changes.

"All existing sustainability studies show that we need to act now, that we need to take responsibility for the environment, otherwise disaster awaits. As a company, we have a unique opportunity to create change and stand on the frontlines. Our sustainability work is already solid, but with this sustainability week we made a targeted effort that contributes to an immediate change", says Gustaf Rentzhog, CEO of Söderberg & Partners.

During the week each employee had the opportunity to dedicate time during the workday to attend lectures, workout classes and other digital activities.

Using an app, different tasks and challenges with the goal of reducing ones climate footprint were completed. Each challenge and task generated points which in turn converted into money on behalf of Save the Children.

Almost 60 000 euros towards The Red Alert Campaign

By the end of the week our employees had through sustainability challenges, saved 139 tonnes of carbon dioxide and thereby accumulated almost 58 709 euros to Save the Children.

The money collected is earmarked for Save the Children’s project the Red Alert Campaign in the Philippines, a country that is severely exposed to natural disasters and vulnerable as a result of climate change.

The project’s purpose is to educate children and youth about climate change and strengthen their voices, demanding that decision makers and other authorities take their responsibility.

"We are so grateful for Söderberg & Partners and the work their employees carried out during the sustainability week. Thanks to their efforts, close to 60 000 euro will go to children and youth in the Philippines, who are extra exposed to the consequences and devastation that climate change creates. The purpose of our project the Red Alert Campaign is to educate children and youth about climate change and give them a collected and strong voice. The goal is to create awareness to increase society’s pressure, demanding that decision makers, authorities and other institutions take their responsibility", says Charlotte Rutegård, Partnership Manager at Save the Children.

Long and Solid Partnership

Söderberg & Partners Sweden has for many years had a partnership with Save the Children which includes donating approximately half a million euros to refugee camps in Syria.

Söderberg & Partners Sweden is currently supporting their project Center for Support and Treatment, where children and youth who have gone through traumatic experiences can receive support and treatment.

Learn more about our sustainability work and principles.