Sustainable Non-Life Insurance in Finland 2024

We have compared eight non-life insurance companies operating in Finland at product level, focusing on motor, transport and business insurance. In addition, we assess how the companies perform in terms of sustainable investments as well as raising awareness of sustainability in their field.

This is how we analyse

Sustainability is a key part of modern non-life insurance. The purpose of this annual report is to provide a comprehensive assessment of the sustainability of non-life insurance companies operating in Finland. In this way, we want to enable our customers to make choices based on the sustainability of their partner.


Our analysis is based on questionnaires we have sent to companies, as well as publicly available material from their websites and sustainability reports. We have also supplemented the data with additional questions to get the most accurate information possible.

The following companies are included in our comprehensive analysis:

  • AIG
  • Fennia
  • If
  • LähiTapiola
  • Pohjantähti
  • Pohjola
  • Protector
  • Turva

Relative analysis

We have conducted separate product-specific analyses for the three most common insurance products:

  • business insurance (property)
  • motor insurance
  • transport insurance

This allows for a fairer comparison between companies, taking into account the specificities of the product areas.

The performance of companies is also assessed in terms of sustainability of investments and raising awareness of sustainability. The analysis allows our clients to choose the most sustainable option at the moment, as the ratings are set in relation to each other.

A green rating means that a company is working more actively on sustainability compared to a company with a yellow or red rating.

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