Employee Benefits

As an Employer you need to ensure that you have all the statutory employment related insurances in place.

In addition there are supplementary supplemental insurances and benefits that can make the cover for your employees more satisfying. Your Company can make a market competitive solution to attract new employees or to retain your key talents in the company.

The occupational health care is partly statutory, so the Company needs to have an Occupational Health Care contract in place. This can be complemented with a medical insurance.

We will make sure that your company has all the statutory insurances in place and that you have a sufficient and competitive supplementary insurance and benefit cover for your employees.

With employments there are lots of HR related issues that need to be handled. Are you familiar with the labor law and collective agreements in Finland? The employment contract has to be in line with Finnish legal requirements. Do you know which benefits the employees appreciate the most? We give HR consultancy and can assist you with insurance and administrative solutions related to employee benefits.

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