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Employee Benefits

By providing employee benefits, your company can create a positive image as an employer. Furthermore, they often facilitate work performance by maintaining your employees’ motivation and work ability.

At Söderberg & Partners we work for you, not the insurers. We take the time to understand the unique risks you and your business face and work hard to find the most suitable cover. We help you understand the details of your insurance and also work out what level of cover you need so you can feel confident you are properly protected. Our number one goal is to protect what is important to you. 

The occupational health care is partly statutory, so the company needs to have an occupational health care contract in place. This can be complemented with a medical insurance. 

We will make sure that your company have all the statutory insurances in place and that you have a sufficient and competitive supplementary insurance and benefit cover for your employees. 

With employments there are a lot of HR related issues that need to be handled. For example, are you familiar with the labor law and collective agreements in Finland? The employment contract must be in line with Finnish legal requirements. Do you know which benefits the employees appreciate the most? We give HR consultancy and can assist you with insurance and administrative solutions related to employee benefits. 

We help you find the right solution.  

International Assignments

We can support the companies when they dispatch employees from the home country to another country for work and business operations at overseas offices or companies.

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Multinational pooling

Multinational pooling is a method companies use to manage the risk of their employee benefit plans throughout the world.

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Employee benefits due diligence

In case two or more companies merge or there is an acquisition, we can support companies to align the benefits and conduct an audit for the insurances.

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Occupational healthcare

Every employee is entitled to occupational health care, regardless of the nature and duration of the employment relationship.

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Statutory benefits

As an employer, you have statutory obligation to fulfill to your employees and the authorities. Find out what you must take into consideration about insurance for your employees and ensuring the safety of the workplace.

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Insurance management

Administration of the company's pension and insurance solutions can be complicated and time-consuming – let us help you! 

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Benefit design

When designing the format and coverage for the employees’ package, there are certain things the company must consider.

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HR consulting

We can support you as an employer with employment related issues and the things that you have to consider to be in line with market practice.

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