Employee benefits

In Finland employee benefits operate slightly differently than in many other countries. Finland generally operates within three types of benefit systems: social security (for all citizens), statutory insurances and voluntary benefit plans and perks. We'll help you in any challenge you might have with the Finnish employee benefits system. We either start by going through your needs or go through your current setup in case it already exists.

Henkilöstöedut ovat palkan ohella erinomainen keino houkutella ja sitouttaa alan parhaita osaajia yritykseesi.

Increase employee retention and attract talent with employee benefits

Personnel benefits can be a significant competitive factor when employees choose their new employer. Employment benefits are especially important when the employee chooses between two employers that are similar in other respects.

Social Security For Everyone

In Finland the social security is financed through taxation and everyone contributes. It is good to recognize that many things considered voluntary benefit elsewhere are regulated by collective agreements or labor law in Finland. These include e.g., annual and family leaves, medical leaves and occupational health care.

Health Insurance Benefits

In Finland there is set amount of plans that are statutory, such as workers' compensation, group life, pension as well as unemployment fund. The coverage is the same for all companies. Occupational health care for employees is partly statutory (preventive care). Many companies extend the service to cover also voluntary benefits such as medical and dental care.

Fringe Benefits and Perks

The benefits package depends on the company’s wishes, company policy and market practice. Common fringe benefits in Finland are e.g., profit sharing, voluntary insurance, extra vacation time, voluntary pension plans, meal benefit, staff discount and company phone.

Insight on Finnish employee benefits

In Finland, many employee benefits are tax-deductible, so the employer rarely has to pay the entire cost of providing the benefit. However, the taxation of employee benefits and the related details can be a real headache.

We offer a fresh view of Finland's current personnel benefit trends across industry boundaries. Our advisor provides you with information based on experience about what kind of employee benefits are typically offered in Finland, and which benefits employees value the most.

If you already operate in Finland, we can assess which current personnel benefits are the most useful and which personnel risks may not have been taken into account yet.

It is good to know that in Finland the pandemic changed employees' expectations and attitudes towards what good employee benefits include permanently. For example, extensive remote work is very common in Finland these days.

Let us help!

Do you feel overwhelmed with the Finnish fringe benefits system? Let us help you! We liaise with insurance companies and help with pension and benefit matters. We can also handle tax matters, invoice checks, insurance mail, updating insurance coverage, and many other day-to-day matters. Contact us and we'll get back to you shortly!
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