After the pandemic, what will your employees need to feel healthy and happy?

We are on our way out of one of the largest global crises of our lifetime. The crisis has also spurred major changes in working life towards more flexible working methods, a giant digital leap and better emphasis on well-being. The pandemic has expedited the shift in working life in a substantial way and will continue to do so.
Helén Hägglund
Helén Hägglund 
Senior Advisor, HR & Employee Benefits

Companies must now adopt completely new standards for retaining and attracting skilled workers. That is because the years of pandemic have permanently transformed the expectations of both employers and employees towards work, working conditions, efficiency and productivity. In Finland, the issue is particularly critical because the labour force will decrease significantly in the future due to demographic developments. This means ever-intensifying competition for top talent.

New focal points on employees’ wish list

According to a survey by Boston Consulting Group, a great relationship with coworkers and supervisors, as well as trust, flexibility and healthy corporate culture take the top positions on employees’ wish list for their dream job. The previously valued elements, such as career development and interesting tasks, have dropped lower on the list. Well-being and the sustainability of the business are also high on the list, which is hardly surprising.

This new type of working environment requires much more flexibility and efforts towards reaching a balance. Businesses must build trust, be quick and sensitive in responding to issues and help employees prioritise their well-being. Coaching leadership based on strong trust, transparent and open communications and the culture of trust play a key role in describing the top talents of the future.

In the future, the communication skills of management will be even more important, but open and confidential communications must work both ways. Employees must also have the chance to communicate openly and confidentially with their superiors. A leader of the future does not try to guess what the employees are thinking about; they openly ask for opinions and consider them in the decision-making processes.

Analysing the current situation creates a foundation for the future

Significant competitive assets can be gained by analysing the organisation’s new working environment, factors affecting employees’ health, productivity and the impact of current measures. Analysis is particularly important when trying to find our or specify who you are and who you want to be as an employer, what you have to offer and what types of employees and partners you seek and value.

Remember that the better your organisation’s employee experience, the more committed your employees will be and the better their motivation to develop the organisation and the business. The business input of satisfied, committed employees is multiple compared to dissatisfied employees.

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