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Tendering business insurance is not always worth it - experts tell you why

12 Apr 2024
In this article, our insurance brokers tell you what kind of threats are associated with tendering that is too frequent or done incorrectly.
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Articles, Risk management

5 risks that a company should be prepared for in the summer

Certain types of risks are accentuated during the summer, when the permanent personnel are on vacation and there are many summer workers at the workplaces or the offices are completely closed. Check out our experts' tip list for items that you should pay special attention to before leaving for the summer pastures.
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Event organiser – keep yourself safe with special insurances

The event industry has been one of the hardest hit by the coronavirus crisis, which may be the reason why an exceptional number of events and festivals have been organised over the summer after the restrictions in Finland were lifted. However, the media has also showcased situations where an event has not gone as expected. Many event organisers are not aware that there are special insurances for these situations.
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