Insurance comparison service is a benefit valued by the Finnish Landlord Association

The Finnish Landlord Association’s annual insurance comparison report prepared by Söderberg & Partners has encouraged large Finnish insurance companies to improve their insurance policy offering.

The Finnish Landlord Association is a national interest group whose members are private small-scale landlords. Most of the association members own 1–3 apartments, which they let out.

The fundamental objective of the association is to offer services that help private landlords succeed in the real estate market alongside large real estate companies.

The insurance comparison report is an important member benefit

Söderberg & Partners has been cooperating with the Finnish Landlord Association for several years now. Our insurance broker prepares an annual insurance comparison report for the association.

The report outlines the insurance policies that insurance companies offer to landlords. After completing the annual report, the broker presents the results to the members of the association at a webinar.

“The broker had prior experience in the real estate market, which has definitely added more value to our cooperation,” says Sanna Hughes, Managing Director of the Finnish Landlord Association.

According to Hughes, the association’s cooperation with the broker has gone extremely well. The association has been especially happy with the specialist expertise offered by the broker.

“We have received only positive feedback about the insurance comparison report. Many people find comparing insurance policies challenging. Every company has their own terms and policies,” Hughes continues.

Insurance companies want to rank high in the comparison report

The Finnish Landlord Association has approximately 26,000 members. From insurance companies’ point of view, this is a substantial group of potential policyholders. Thus, many insurance companies have also reviewed some of the key points of the report with the Finnish Landlord Association.

“Insurance companies have shown a lot of interest in what kind of negative factors have been brought forward in the report,” says Hughes.

“Insurance companies have also used the report in their marketing. For example, companies are happy to highlight their high ranking in the report,” Hughes explains.

Hughes says that the association has an insurance partner that gives the members of the association discounts on insurance policies.

The insurance comparison report helps the association compare the policies, prices and discounts of this partner to other insurance companies’ products and services.

“The insurance comparison report has also featured in national media. Nationwide media coverage indicates that the topic generates a lot of interest,” says Hughes.

The Finnish Landlord Association

Established in 1999, the Finnish Landlord Association is a national interest group operating in all of Finland. The members of the association include private persons, companies, and other organisations. All the members let out residential apartments and/or business premises.

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