Statutory benefits in Finland

Finland generally operates within three types of benefit systems: social security, statutory insurances and voluntary benefit plans and perks. We help ensure that your organisation meets all legal obligations in Finland.

Social Security (for all citizens)

Basic benefits in Finland are ftion. inanced through taxation. Each employer contributes for their employers.

Statutory insurances

A statutory pension plan, workers compensation and group life as well as unemployment insurance are mandatory in Finland. The coverage is the same for all companies. Occupational health care for employees is also partly statutory. It includes the preventive care but many companies extend the service to cover also medical care.

Voluntary perks and benefits

The set-up of voluntary perks and benefits depends on the company’s wishes, company policy and market practice in Finland. Choosing perks it might be good to keep in mind that in Finland there is a shortage of skilled labor in many industries.

What is statutory in Finland?

Statutory personnel benefits in Finland include many things. In addition to this, sector-specific collective agreements (TES) may define additional benefits binding on the employer. 

The basic statutory setup includes:

  • Retirement benefits employment pension (TyEL)
  • Workers compensation and group life
  • Employment fund
  • Occupational health care

We help ensure that your organisation meets all legal obligations in Finland.

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