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HR consulting

We can support you as an employer with employment related issues and the things that you have to consider to be in line with market practice. We can give consultation on employment contracts including collective agreements, employer labor costs, taxation and obtaining of fringe benefits etc.

We also consult on social security issues and can administer the fringe benefits and procure them. We can support HR in projects, e.g. regarding work environment, labor law or employment contracts.

We can help you deliver an important message to your employees. Maybe you are implementing new benefits and want all employees to be aware of their benefits? An effective communication strategy has the power to boost employee engagement, build internal awareness, drive performance, retain talent, and even make your workforce more open to change. We can help you build and enhance your message on employee benefits, or we can communicate them on your behalf to the employees.

Benefit design

When designing the format and coverage for the employees’ package, there are certain things the company must consider. The package should be attractive for the employee but at the same time cost efficient for the company.

We can discuss the different options on coverage, sums insured, accessibility and service so that it suits your company’s needs.



Employee Benefits Management

Administration of the company's pension and insurance solutions can be complicated and time-consuming. We strive to act as a strategic partner in pension and benefit matters and streamline administrative flow. This can be day-to day administration, invoicing, claim handling or applying for refunds.


Why use an insurance expert?

Understanding what insurance you need can be complex and it can be devastating if you get it wrong. It pays to have an insurance expert on your side.

Statutory benefits

As an employer, you have a statutory obligation to fulfil to your employees and the authorities. Find out what you must take into consideration about insurance for your employees and ensuring the safety of the workplace.

Remember to submit various notifications to the authorities in a timely manner. Employers must submit wage-based notifications and other notifications to various authorities, purchase insurance for their employees and see to the payment of employer contributions.