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HR Consulting

It may not be optimal to carry out each human resources management task in-house. In some organisations, hiring an in-house HR specialist might not yet be relevant. Similarly, other tasks should be outsourced even if you already have an in-house specialist. We are happy to assist your company in various HR routines and development projects.

Consulting human resources management or upper management may often be necessary when establishing a new company or expanding a company abroad, for example. Interpretating laws related to employees in different countries brings a whole new dimension to HR work.

Our experienced experts provide a wide range of advice and assistance in various topics related to Finnish employee benefits and labor legislation, such as:

  • employee insurance practices
  • matters related to employment contracts and collective agreements
  • planning, acquiring and tendering employee benefits in Finland
  • managing and explaining taxation related to employee benefits
  • managing and explaining matters related to pension insurance companies and the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela)
  • matters relating to assigning employees abroad
  • acquiring, managing and tendering occupational healthcare services in Finland.

We carry out human resources management consulting at both hourly and project-specific fees. Let's discuss which model best suits your case.

An HR Consultant Will Help You When the Workplace Or the World Is Changing

An external HR consultant can also help during organisational changes such as mergers. During mergers, it is often necessary and sensible to compare and evaluate the merging companies’ occupational healthcare services, employee benefit packages and employee insurance coverage.

With the pandemic, the world of remote working changed radically in Finland. Remote work is widely appreciated and even expected in white collar field. Many Finns now also dream of permanent remote work abroad. Our HR consultants, who have worked in several international organisations, are also happy to help with international employee insurance issues.

We will ensure that your company fulfils its local legal obligations with regard to employee insurance.

Söderberg & Partners' experts have experience in various organisations both in Finland and abroad. We are happy to offer our expertise to you in matters related to employee benefits, occupational healthcare tendering and business company. Contact us using the form below and we will get back to you soon!


Helén Hägglund

Senior Advisor, HR & Employee Benefits

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