Business liability insurance

Business liability insurance covers damages caused to third parties by the company and its employees. We help you evaluate what kind of liability insurance coverage your company or organization needs and from which insurance company it is worth getting it.

Why is liability insurance necessary for your company?

1. Minimize operational risks

Liability insurance offers your company a reliable safety net, because with a well-planned liability insurance solution, you transfer a significant part of the operational risks to the shoulders of the insurance company. We help to insure both your own organization and, if necessary, for example subcontractors or contractual partners.

2. You are more successful in negotiations

The company's liability insurance is vital even before the first offer. When negotiating new customer relationships, liability insurance is also often brought up in the contract phase at the latest. More and more customers demand comprehensive liability insurance from their partners and subcontractors. Project insurance has its own chapter - especially in alliance projects.

We help your company as a seller, buyer and partner by going through in detail what kind of insurance can be required from partners in contracts and on the other hand what conditions should be agreed to yourself.

3. You strengthen the reliability and image of your company

Company liability insurance not only increases the attractiveness of your organization as a partner, but also strengthens credibility and reliability.

Are you sure you want to be a partner with whom it is safe to cooperate?

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What does company liability insurance cover?

The company may be liable for damages in these situations, for example

  • incorrect work performance
  • failure to maintain the property
  • insufficient safety of the products sold by the company
  • incorrect plans, advice, instructions or other professional services
  • damage caused by the employee in his work.

In addition to this, the company's managers and board members may even be personally liable for damages for the financial damage they cause in their role.

Broker helps you choose the right business liability insurance

There are many different types of liability insurance. Insurance broker always assesses individually which liability insurances are necessary for each company's operations and industry.

Our insurance experts tender the company's liability insurance for you and advise your company, e.g. in the following liability insurances:

D&O insurance covers the personal compensation liability of the company's CEO or board member in accordance with the Limited Liability Companies Act.

Operational liability insurance is a basic protection that every company should have. It compensates personal and property damage caused in the company's operations.

Product liability insurance compensates for damages caused by defects in a product manufactured, imported or sold by the company. In case of product liability damages, the compensation amounts can be large, so insurance is important for companies of all sizes.

Consultant liability insurance compensates personal and property damage as well as financial damage caused by incomplete or incorrect consultant work. The insurance is particularly suitable for a technical consultant.

Property liability insurance compensates purely financial damages. Insurance is necessary, for example, for real estate agents or accounting firms, as well as for other industries where expert work is performed and a mistake can cause financial damage.

Did you know?

Limitation conditions are associated with liability insurance, which in different industries can become very relevant in terms of the compensation solution in the event of an accident.

It is good to know that it is possible to remove some of these restrictions - especially in such negotiations, a skilled insurance broker can be of great help!

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Many things affect the price of business liability insurance

The price of the company's liability insurance and the coverage of the solution are affected

  • your company's industry
  • amount of wages paid
  • selected insurance amount and deductible
  • your company's turnover.

The broker helps to tender your liability insurance so that you have the best possible solution at an excellent price.

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