Söderberg & Partners collected 96,289 euros to donate to Solvatten

Last week, we organized a Sustainability Week, the goal of which was to inspire our employees to make more sustainable choices in their everyday lives. Together, we collected points by completing as many sustainability challenges as possible, and these points were converted into money donation to Solvatten, an innovation that provides clean water to more and more people around the world using sunlight.

The Sustainability Week focused on sustainability and innovation

Our September Sustainability Week was attended by employees from our offices in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands. The purpose of the week was to inspire and teach employees about financial, social and ecological sustainability. We wanted to help our employees understand the entire scope of the topic of sustainability and realise how small everyday choices can make a difference.

In addition to sustainability, the theme of the Sustainability Week this year was innovation, which provided inspiration for the week's lectures and workshops. The employees were able to hear researcher Paulina Modlitba's lecture on how artificial intelligence can be used to simulate more sustainable societies.

The first Sustainable Non-Life Insurance in Finland analysis was published

During the Sustainability Week we published for the first time in Finland, the Sustainable Non-Life Insurance in Finland analysis. The analysis shows that sustainability has not yet been widely integrated into the policies of insurance companies in Finland.

"The role of insurance companies in climate change is the key. By taking preventive measures, they can help minimise the costs caused by the increasingly common extreme weather events. We want to help insurance companies in the important sustainability work they do, and we believe in cooperation and active dialogue in this matter. I look forward to continued discussions with insurance companies so that we can even better understand their challenges and opportunities," says Joakim Seeberg, CEO of Söderberg & Partners Oy.

Donation to Solvatten

In addition to the lectures and workshops, we competed against each other in teams all week in sustainability challenges that reduce our carbon footprint. Every point we collected brought more money to our donation pot.

Our employees collected a whopping 96,289 euros to donate to Solvatten. Solvatten is an innovation that can be used to clean and heat water inexpensively with the help of solar energy. The innovation enables access to clean and warm water closer to home for more and more people around the world.

The donation we collected corresponds to 882 Solvatten solutions, which will be donated to people in need of clean water in East Africa.

"Thank you very much for the fantastic commitment! The Solvatten container collected by Söderberg & Partners will soon be on its way to Zambia. In Zambia, in cooperation with Plan Zambia, we will donate Solvatten to the most disadvantaged families. For example, families with children under the age of 5 and local small counseling centers. The donation reaches almost 5,000 people and concretely helps to avoid diseases, reduce the use of wood, protect forests and give children, especially girls, more time to go to school," says Solvatten's founder Petra Wadström.

We are excited about how actively our personnel joined the challenge. Many thanks to everyone who participated!