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Occupational Healthcare

Occupational healthcare procurement involves two types of procurement, in fact: occupational healthcare services and the employee insurances used to cover the costs of these services. We help you find an occupational healthcare solution that meets your needs at the best price.

In Finland, employers must provide all of their employees with access to occupational healthcare services.

Entrepreneurs are not required to arrange occupational healthcare for themselves, but this is naturally recommended.

The costs of occupational healthcare services are primarily covered with statutory and voluntary insurances taken out by the company for its employees.

Consequently, your insurance coverage has an effect on the final price of offering occupational healthcare services to your employees.

At Söderberg & Partners, we will help you get the insurance coverage required for covering the costs of occupational healthcare services and, if necessary, help you compare different occupational healthcare service providers and arrange bidding for these services.

Statutory occupational healthcare is about guidance and prevention

Statutory occupational healthcare is based on the prevention of health hazards and harmful effects caused by work and working conditions.

The aim is to improve and maintain the health and work ability of your employees.

According to the Occupational Health Care Act, occupational healthcare activities include, for example, guidance and advice on safe and healthy working conditions and methods.

The occupational healthcare service provider guides and advises both the employer and employees.

More extensive occupational healthcare services attract skilled experts

The demand for skilled experts has increased in many sectors to the point where companies have to attract employees with various employee benefits.

For employers, employee benefits are an affordable way to offer remuneration instead of monetary compensation. Providing very extensive occupational healthcare services is a benefit valued by many employees.

The costs of extended occupational healthcare services are typically covered through voluntary employee insurances that can be taken out in addition to statutory insurances.

For the employer, it is often more beneficial that the employee gets quick access to high-quality care services and returns to work as soon as possible.

There are a variety of occupational healthcare service providers for different needs. There are major service providers and smaller companies specialised in certain needs.

A key aspect of selecting an occupational healthcare service provider is that the company has set up clinics in all locations where you are active.

Arrange occupational healthcare bidding regularly

Occupational healthcare is often something that is addressed when a company is set up and it remains the same for years.

The majority of occupational healthcare service providers aim to offer their clients comprehensive service solutions that do not always meet the clients’ budgets or actual needs.

Because of this, consulting an expert to determine the appropriate level of services is important.

Whenever employee insurances and occupational healthcare agreements are taken out or made, everything should be planned carefully. We always start with surveying the needs of your company, comparing the current solution with these needs and making proposals for changes.

If you are considering changing your occupational healthcare service provider, contact us. If necessary, we will assess whether the occupational healthcare agreement or the insurance coverage of your employees needs bidding and whether this is the right moment to arrange this.

Occupational healthcare must keep up with change

The COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, has made changes to both working methods as well as the challenges that threaten the health of employees.

Consider whether you, together with the occupational healthcare service provider, are prepared for the following?

  • increased mental health problems in expert sectors
  • new health hazards related to work-related travelling
  • changes and challenges related to ergonomics introduced by remote and hybrid working
  • increased degree of digitalisation in communication and using services

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