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International Pooling

International pooling (or multinational pooling) is a method that companies use to manage the risk of their employee benefit plans throughout the world.

The different employee benefit programs of an global company are combined to form an international pool. The result of international pooling is financial savings and better control of risks.

We can help companies to receive global experience rating, financial cost saving, annual reporting, improved underwriting terms and conditions.

We can help companies to use pooling as a benefits management tool and information base for decision making.


Helén Hägglund

Senior Advisor, HR & Employee Benefits

+358 40 189 7740

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HR Consulting

We assist employers in all matters related to the employment relationship and advise on what to consider and what are the current practices.

We consult in e.g.

  • employment and collective bargaining matters
  • benefits in kind and their tax treatment
  • in the acquisition of employee benefits and in tenders
  • social security matters.

Our experts also have extensive experience in foreign assignments and other international insurance.

We help to inform your staff about the benefits

Is your company introducing new benefits and want to share them with the entire staff?

With effective and well-designed communication, you can increase staff engagement, increase internal awareness, enhance performance, retain valuable expertise, and even help staff be more open to change.

Helén Hägglund

Senior Advisor, HR & Employee Benefits

+358 40 189 7740

Employee Benefits Program

In Finland, employee benefits typically consist of three different types of benefits: statutory social security, compulsory insurance coverage and voluntary additional benefits selected and provided by the employer.

The majority of the most common employee benefits are tax deductible for the employer, which means that the employer typically does not have to pay all the expenses of providing the benefit.

How to take advantage of tax benefits may sometimes seem difficult. Furthermore, as an employer, you might be wondering what benefits your employees actually value and use.

Even if your company does not have the resources to offer many additional benefits, there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to statutory benefits that may affect their cost level, for example.

Therefore, we recommend that all our clients prepare a separate employee benefits program.

Why an employee benefits program?

An employee benefits program prepared with a professional brings clarity, functionality and stability to the company’s daily routines.

Employees are also more satisfied when they can refer to a clear program on what is offered by the employer and what costs they need to cover themselves.

The employee benefits program also reduces the workload of HR personnel significantly.

As a general rule, employee benefits should not be selected randomly or based on an offer that sounds the best.

Whenever employee benefits are planned, it should be noted that the original idea of “additional” benefits, in particular, is to 

  • be attractive to employees (and potential employees)
  • improve well-being at work
  • improve work ability
  • be cost-efficient to the employer.

How an employee benefits program is prepared

First, we will go through your company’s current employee benefits and the related costs. We will also analyse how your company has taken advantage of the existing tax benefits and whether they could be used even more extensively.

We will discuss how the benefits correspond with the current needs of the company and its employees and whether there is any particular need to change the benefits together with the representatives appointed by you.

Our expert will also provide their input based on years of experience and research data. Employee representatives can also be included in the process according to your wishes. This can provide a fresh perspective to the discussion.

We will prepare an employee benefits program and arrange a bidding among service providers and/or insurers, if necessary. 

We are also happy to communicate with employees about the company’s benefits program in a clear and easily understandable manner.

The employee benefits program of a rival company should not be copied—at least not in full

The level of and need for employee benefits vary a lot between companies and industries: in some industries, there is a need to comply with the minimum statutory requirements, whereas elsewhere, skilled employees must be attracted with comprehensive solutions.

Industries where a lot of physical work is performed have their own special needs.

Excessive psychological stress might be a particular threat in expert sectors, for example.

We will find the solution that meets the needs of your company.

Helén Hägglund

Senior Advisor, HR & Employee Benefits

+358 40 189 7740

Employee Benefits Management

Well-designed employee insurance policies significantly improve well-being at work.

The extensive occupational healthcare provided through personnel insurance is also a valued employee benefit.

Our special expertise includes amongst other things

  • planning, procurement and tendering of employee benefits programs
  • staff insurance needs assessment, tendering and management
  • international staff insurance
  • pension and benefit management
  • checking invoices.

We'd love to help you reduce your administrative burden.

Helén Hägglund

Senior Advisor, HR & Employee Benefits

+358 40 189 7740
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