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Tendering Business Insurance

Tendering for business insurance is sometimes in place. However, many companies do not tender for insurance because the comparison of insurance offers is perceived as cumbersome and the process as a whole is laborious.

Are you unsure about the coverage level of your insurance or are you wondering about the price? Would it be time for insurance tendering? We'd be happy to help you review your current insurance coverage, identify potential areas for improvement, and assess the need for insurance tendering.

Insurance tendering is always a big project for even a professional. Therefore, it is a good idea to evaluate whether you should spend your own time on it, or let a professional do the work for you. We are happy to take care of the whole process from the beginning to the end, from the proactive preparatory work to the enforcement of the insurance policies.

Insurance tendering - the process

We handle the process with years of experience and proven processes. You do not have to inquire about your insurance after the tender, but we will actively contact you when we need more information.

1. Requesting insurance quotations

  • we will prepare the offer request
  • we assemble / prepare all necessary attachments
  • we deliver and present the material to potential insurers
  • we handle all necessary negotiations about risk assessment and pricing with insurance providers.

2. Review of insurance offers

  • we evaluate how well the bids received match the call for tenders
  • we make a written comparison of the offers
  • we recommend a suitable solution based on our comparison.

3. Summary and recommendation on insurers and insurance cover

  • we go through our recommendations together with you in consultation
  • we agree on how to proceed
  • we take care of the enforcement of the insurance on your behalf.

Tendering for public insurance

On the public administration side, the tendering of insurance takes place within a pre-defined framework, so it must take into account the laws and restrictions related to the operation of the public administration. The Public Procurement Act and public insurance tenders are also part of our special expertise.

Our experienced team of public administration insurance experts is happy to take on challenging public administration insurance tendering projects.

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