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Climate Compensation

From 2018 onwards, Söderberg & Partners will compensate all employees, both at work and at leisure.

Climate compensation is about taking responsibility for its climate impact on greenhouse gas emissions. Based on UN statistics showing an average person's climate impact, we have calculated Söderberg & Partners' total emissions and doubled the climate compensation per employee. Our climate compensation covers all employees in all countries, both at work and at leisure.

This work means that we annually buy climate-efficient projects and cancel the emission rights obtained from the market. The money we buy emission rights to finance, among other things, electricity production from biogas in Thailand.

The hope is that our climate certification also inspires our employees to take their own initiatives to reduce their total climate impact. Not least, we hope that more players in the industry are inspired to follow us.

Sustainability Report

Since 2016, we have annually presented a Sustainability Report to describe how we make a difference and work on sustainability issues, as well as what goals we want to achieve.

We believe that sustainable counseling and management are crucial to continuing to create value, both for our customers, employees and society at large. The Sustainability Report includes PO Söderberg & Partners Holding AB, and has been prepared in agreement with the GRI G4 Standard (Global Reporting Initiative), Core level of accounting.

Sustainability Report 2020

Söderberg & Partners Sustainability Report 2020

Sustainability Policy

The Söderberg & Partners Group takes responsibility for the environmental impact arising from the Group's decisions and actions. We are aware that our business operations have a positive and negative impact on the environment. We are part of the financial sector that plays a major role in society, both in economic development and in the environmental. Therefore, we strive to make the best environmental choices in our daily operations and we work with continuous improvements in our operations.

Söderberg & Partner's ambition is to take into account both the direct and indirect aspects of our actions over time and to create a good structure for working with sustainability issues. We strive to integrate sustainability into our products and offerings to customers. In environmental work, we must fulfill the binding requirements that our stakeholders impose on us, as well as laws, regulations and other regulations. Söderberg & Partners has an overall sustainability manager and a sustainability council, but sustainability work is everyone's responsibility. Our actions regarding our environmental responsibility are based on our ethical guidelines and our corporate culture, which are based on the following values:

  • Brave
  • Helpful
  • Responsible
  • Driven

For Söderberg & Partners' sustainability policy, this means in concrete terms:

Advice and management

We strive for advisers to always have access to relevant sustainability assessments. Sustainability analyses and responsible ownership should be integral parts of advisory and asset management.

Analysis and dialogue

Dialogue with product suppliers is an important part of the work on responsible investment. Söderberg & Partners' analyses are the basis for dialogues with product suppliers. The analyses are used as a tool to achieve continuous improvement.

Competence and awareness

Söderberg & Partners' influence is mainly indirect, through the decisions made through our services and through our choice of suppliers. We train our employees to be well informed and knowledgeable in the area of sustainability.

Energy use and resource consumption

Söderberg & Partners constantly strives to reduce the energy consumption of our offices and the use of consumables. Purchasing must follow Söderberg & Partners' rules for purchasing.


Söderberg & Partners strives to choose the most environmentally friendly choices for passenger transport, for example, when taxi is hired, companies with a high proportion of environmental cars (which are powered by electricity, biogas or ethanol) are primarily selected. We choose trains over flights to the extent possible, but above all we strive to increase the proportion of meetings that take place via video conferencing or similar. Travel must follow Söderberg & Partner's rules for travel.

Community and responsibility

By taking responsibility both socially and environmentally, Söderberg & Partners will contribute to sustainable development in society while contributing to sustainable profitability and a strong brand. The ecosystem is closely linked to human actions and we will work to contribute our part. The common denominator in our CSR work is children and young people.

Adopted by Söderberg & Partners CEO, Gustaf Rentzhog

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