Important information about your advisor

Söderberg & Partners Oy is a part of Söderberg & Partners group. Söderberg & Partners is an insurance broker that is on the side of the client. We advise based on analysis and recommend products that we believe will be the most beneficial to the client. Our ambition is to have a satisfied client.

About Söderberg & Partners

Söderberg & Partners has grown rapidly since 2004. Our company is one of the leading financial advisors in the Nordic countries, comprising over 2,000 employees and with capabilities across all the Nordic countries. Thanks to our size and our global network, we can offer our clients the best possible insurance in the market according to client need.

We are an agile organisation, with the client at the centre of all our activities. Together with the most experienced brokers in the insurance market, we develop our offerings to best fill our clients’ wishes.  We have high expectations for the advice we offer. Our activities are driven by internal guidance as well as legal and official requirements. 

In this brochure you can find important information about the guidelines we must follow. This brochure is designed primarily for community clients. 


As an insurance broker, our business is in providing the services of an insurance broker. This field is regulated by e.g., the law for insurance offers (234/2018), orders given by the Financial Supervisory Authority on insurance brokerage, and the law for preventing the financing of money laundering and terrorism (444/2017). 


As an insurance broker, we offer our clients insurance consultation, which can apply to one or more products offered by an insurance company.  We make an analysis for the client, both of their insurable risks as well as an analysis of suitable insurance products.

The only compensation we receive is from our clients. We are independent from any insurance firms and are not tied to dealing insurance from specific or limited insurance companies. After assessing the client’s insurance needs, the insurance broker gives a personal recommendation from the insurance products available and declares which recommended insurance would best suit the client’s insurance needs. 

Our insurance brokers have relevant degrees and training. They have the knowledge, experience and expertise required from us by law and other orders.  

We constantly follow the insurance offerings on the market and the financial status of insurance companies. We maintain analysis related to this information. We also develop the insurance products that will best fit our clients, and resource them from the market. 

Register of insurance intermediaries

The insurance brokerage and the insurance brokers in its service are registered with the register of insurance intermediaries kept by the Financial Supervisory Authority (FINA-FSA) and according to the guidance of the Financial Supervisory Authority.  You can confirm the registration with the Financial Supervisory Authority, who can provide information on the register.

Financial Supervisory Authority
Snellmaninkatu 6
00101 Helsinki

tel. +358 (0)9 183 51

Financial Supervision and subjectivity to authorisation

Insurance brokerage is an authorised activity overseen by the Financial Supervisory Authority (FINA-FSA), which is an official authority and gives guidelines and orders concerning the insurance market. Insurance brokerage may be practised in Finland only by insurance brokers found in the Financial Supervisory Authority’s insurance broker registry. 

The Financial Supervisory Authority must also be able to provide on request proof of an insurance broker’s right to deal insurance and information about the types of insurance they are allowed to broker. The permit can be confirmed with the Financial Supervisory Authority. 


The insurance broker has liability insurance approved by the Financial Supervisory Authority for fulfilling the legislation for insurance brokerage. The liability insurance covers any possible indemnities arising from the insurance brokerage. 


The compensation paid to the insurance broker and the terms for any compensation will be agreed upon in the contract between the client and the insurance broker. The insurance broker may only receive compensation from their client. 

The value of the compensation will vary according to the size of the assignment and the insurance solution selected. You will receive information about the costs before the consultation or during the consultation.

Unsatisfied with your consultation?

If for any reason you are unsatisfied by the consultation given, we ask you to contact the person with whom you worked on your case. 

If you are still unsatisfied, you may leave us a written complaint. It is a good idea to include any relevant documents with the complaint, as well as a mention about who you worked with and when. We are committed to addressing your complaint fast, efficiently and with due care. 

You can send your complaint to

Complaints procedure

The client of the insurance broker or another stakeholder can make a clarification request or a complaint about the insurance broker’s activities to the Financial Supervisory Authority. The Financial Supervisory Authority handles any queries and complaints directed to it regarding the marketing, practices, and contract terms of insurance brokers. 

Additionally, a dispute between the insurance broker and its client or another party can be brought to the attention of the general court, unless both parties can agree on another proceeding. 

Personal data handling

As your insurance broker, we take the handling of personal data seriously. We follow the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other laws and orders on the matter. This means that we will only process personal information where it is required for the assignment. Information will also be removed at the latest when it is no longer required. 

Söderberg & Partners Oy is required to determine its customer’s political exposure and identify beneficial owners of a legal entity, such as a limited company, as stipulated by the Finnish Act on Detecting and Preventing Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (444/2017, including amendments). In addition, Söderberg & Partners Oy is committed to comply with all applicable UN, EU, UK and US regulations regarding sanctions and export control which set the below-mentioned legal obligations to Söderberg & Partners Oy.

Accordingly, before Söderberg & Partners Oy starting the assignment with any prospective customer or business counterparty, Söderberg & Partners Oy is obliged to conduct appropriate due diligence and to collect certain information to understand the business and background of its prospective customers and business counterparties. 

Within this context, Söderberg & Partners Oy will ask you to provide certain information to comply with its above-mentioned legal obligations. Please feel free to contact Söderberg & Partners Oy ( if you need any further information. 


We are a part of the Söderberg & Partners Finland (2708514-7) concern. Our company and parent company do not directly own, and do not indirectly hold any voting rights or capital of any insurance provider, nor does any insurance provider or its parent company own directly or indirectly any voting rights or capital in our company or parent company. 

We work as an insurance broker for our client’s benefit, and we are not liable to work in the advantage of any particular insurance provider. We also do not have any close ties with any insurance provider.