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Legal information

Söderberg & Partners Finland

Söderberg & Partners Finland is a consortium composed of the following renowned Finnish broker companies (Business ID in brackets):

  • Benefit Advisors Oy (1993917-3), Nuijamiestentie 5 A, 00400 Helsinki
  • Finnrisk Oy (2841505-6), Alkutie 37 F, 00660 Helsinki
  • Finpremium Oy (1064154-9), Petikontie 4, 01720 Vantaa
  • ITM Brokers Oy (1870131-5), Runeberginkatu 36, 06100 Porvoo
  • Meklaritalo Oy (2282436-9), Kuninkaankatu 22 B, 70100 Kuopio
  • MSR Finser Oy (2631473-7), Kauppapuistikko 12 B 24, 65100 Vaasa
  • Söderberg & Partners International Insurance Oy (2294884-7), Töölönkatu 4, 00100 Helsinki
  • Rewenda Oy (0986763-9), Töölönkatu 4, 00100 Helsinki
  • Suunta Meklarit Oy (2733310-4), Hallituskatu 13-17 C 19, 90100 Oulu
  • Vakuutusmeklariliike Semita Oy (1711876-9), Tikkaajantie 3, 35300 Orivesi

We have been approved to distribute insurances and our companies can be found in the Financial Supervisory Authority’s register of insurance intermediaries. By using our joint website, you accept that the Söderberg & Partners group processes your client data and personal data.


Legislation and licensing

As an insurance broker, our business is to provide the services of an insurance broker. This area is regulated by, among others, the Act on the Provision of Insurance (234/2018), the Act on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (444/2017) and the provisions of the Financial Supervision Authority concerning the services of an insurance broker. Insurance mediation may be carried out in Finland only by an insurance broker registered in the Financial Supervisory Authority's register of insurance intermediaries. 

Our insurance brokers have the appropriate qualifications and training, and have the knowledge, experience and expertise required by our laws and regulations.

Processing of personal data 

Our insurance agent takes the processing of personal data seriously and complies with the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other relevant laws and regulations when processing personal data. This means e.g. that we do not process personal information other than that necessary for the engagement, and that such information is deleted at the latest when it is no longer needed.

Dissatisfied with counseling? 

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the advice you have received, we will ask you to contact the person with whom you have dealt with the matter as soon as possible. If you continue to be dissatisfied, we ask that you file a written complaint with us. It is a good idea to enclose copies of relevant documents with your written complaint, along with an indication of who you dealt with and when. Our goal is to address the grievances you are experiencing quickly, effectively, and carefully.


Should you, for any reason, be dissatisfied with a service delivered by us, we ask you as soon as possible to get in touch with the person whom you have been in contact with regarding the case to which the complaint refers. If you are still dissatisfied after this, you can proceed to write a written complaint to us. When you complain in writing, you should attach copies of relevant documents and preferably name the staff members you have been in touch with regarding the case, and also specify when these contacts have taken place. Our ambition is to handle any complaint promptly, effectively, and with care and consideration. By contacting us you agree that the matter will be handled within the Söderberg & Partners group.

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