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Value for money

To us, it goes without saying that our advice is based on what is best for you.

The starting point of our work for any client, whether they are companies or public entities, is to evaluate their insurance needs. It is crucial for us to confirm that the client has proper and comprehensive insurance coverage, with no under-insuring or over-insuring. Any overlapping insurances are analysed and corrected, and we make sure that the insurance terms and conditions are correct as well.

In our evaluation, we analyse your company’s business environment and risks involved. We give you our recommendation on how to insure against risks and how to determine deductibles. Our target is to minimise the insurance premium level and maximize the coverage with adequate deductible levels. As a client, you are the one who makes the final decision.

Insurance offer comparison and tendering may seem simple at first. Insurance companies’ websites offer a lot of information. But once you get down to details it is not so simple anymore. Evaluation of policy terms and conditions is a challenging and time-consuming task. And it is worthwhile to carry out regular re-evaluations of insurance terms and conditions, since their competitiveness may vary over time.

As for the claims, even small ones can be tricky. When a claim situation occurs, any company or organization needs professional help in the recovery process and in negotiations with insurance companies. There is always a grey area which can be negotiated in order to favor the policy holder.

We can offer the best insurance coverage with the best price, and when a need for a claim settlement arises, we make sure that the compensation is what it should be. Let us take care of your insurance matters, and you can fully focus on developing your business.