Offer comparison and tendering for companies and public entities

Offer comparison and tendering may seem simple at first. Insurance companies websites offer a lot of information. But once You get down to details it is not so simple anymore.  Evaluation of policy terms and conditions is challenging with all the details they contain.

Leave offer comparison and tendering to us – save time and money

Only a few companies have the needed time and expertise that the insurance analysis needs. Our experts have long collaborative relationships with insurance companies and the analysis is done based on the advisor’s overall experience. We can offer the best coverage with the best price. 

Analysis-driven insurance brokering

Analysis-driven insurance brokering means that the quotes are gathered from different insurance companies and are then compiled in an offer comparison document. The insurances are then produced on a group basis with continuous evaluation of policy terms. Our experts will provide detailed knowledge about the quality of insurance. 

Analysis is done via personal relationships and is based on the advisor’s overall experience. We can also provide financial strength analysis, claims handling analysis and tailor everything to our client! 

An appropriate insurance is selected based on the compilation of offers and based on the client’s specific wishes and needs.  

What is the insurance situation in Your company? Contact us – we shall make a group tender for You