Linkosuo Ltd and the big change of a family company

The story of Linkosuo started in 1936 when Aarne and Elsa Linkosuo started their own bakery store. The store was located in the building of hotel Emmaus opposite of Tampere Railway station. The bakery premises were situated at a workshop in the inner court of the houseMrs Elsa was in charge of the store at Rautatienkatu. Nowadays, Linkosuo employ roughly 180 people with a net revenue of 25 million euros.

Linkosuo invests in quality

For decades Linkosuo has been investing in the quality of products and production. The company received already in year 2007 ISO 22000-quality certificate as the first general bakery and in year 2014 they received FSSC 22000-certificate. The efforts that the company has been giving for improving quality are now paying off. Especially in export: with innovative products Linkosuo has been a forerunner already in the 1970s. E.g RuisSipsi-product and other similar dry-products are selling well.

The future looks promising for Linkosuo

“The biggest change in Our business idea in the long company history has been the transition to dry-bread -products over 70 % in the bakery product line”, says Jarmo Talasrinne, head of bakery products. “We are still investing strongly, and this business renewal fits especially well in order to grow export further. Even though the bakery industry has had major problems, the future of our 80-year old family company looks strong.” 

A growing company has to recognise production risks early enough according to system requirements. In case of exceptions we need to act faster and stronger. When the risks actualise, the insurance policy helps. We must decide which risks are carried by ourselves and which risks are insured via insurance company. In this situation Linkosuo co-oparates with Semita, an insurance broker company powered by Söderberg&Partners. 

“When we concentrate on developing our business, we handed over the responsibility of our insurance matters to Semita. We think strongly quality wise so it is sensible to outsource risk management to professionals”, says Jarmo Talasrinne. 

Semita’s broker Marko Särkinen agrees: “The co-operation between Linkosuo and Semita has been fluent and interesting. We have been successful in covering Linkosuo’s insurance needs.”