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Risk Management

Risk management is preparing for unexpected situations and avoiding damage through changes in operating methods. Professional risk assessment is an important part of an excellent insurance solution.

For insurance, risk management means knowing what risks are associated with your business and obtaining insurance to hedge those risks when it's possible and sensible. In practice, your company conducts a professional risk assessment.

Risk management also involves aspects from your company's day-to-day operations, occupational safety and ensuring the well-being of your employees.

In most cases, good risk management makes it possible to reduce the materialisation of risks or at least mitigate their consequences.

We offer a wide range of risk management services for the needs of organizations of all sizes, both in Finland and in international business.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

A good risk management process includes

  • a clear description of the risk management activities
  • working tools and methods
  • well-prepared company risk assessments.

With comprehensive risk management, your organization can identify, manage, and report on key operational and goal-related risks. By operating clearly and consistently, it is also easy to report the results as part of the annual and annual reports.

Continuity planning

We help you develop a continuity plan for those risks that, despite management measures, are perceived to be too large to carry as such.

The different areas of a comprehensive continuity plan are e.g.

  • An initial response action aimed at limiting the risk or reducing its effects together with different parties.
  • Crisis management activities involving arrangements for exceptional circumstances and the necessary decisions.
  • Restoring a business to help restore what is lost.

In the event of a crisis, an up-to-date continuity plan is one of the company’s most valuable documents.

Risk Surveys

We often prepare asset and interruption risk assessments

  • in the context of insurance analyzes
  • in support of the insurance tender
  • to support our client's own risk management work.

In asset and interruption risk mapping, we go through e.g.

  • typical risk information about the object and operations (so-called under writing information)
  • a description of the activities from a risk management perspective
  • estimates of injury scenarios
  • development proposals that we believe can improve the level of risk management.

Asset and interruption risk mapping is prepared on the basis of a site visit to the site to be mapped.

Tailored risk management consulting

If necessary, we also advise on the risk management of a specific business area or object (e.g. supply chain risk management).

Our experienced experts are happy to take on even more complex risk management challenges. Please be with us and let's see if we can help!

Tapani Toppi

Insurance Broker, Risk Management Specialist

+358 400 388 565

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