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Vision & Values

Vision & Values

Söderberg & Partners' are proactive today, for you to enjoy a richer and more secure life tomorrow

The goal is to provide advice and products that continuously allow our customers to be a step ahead, have cost-effective solutions and maintain control over their risks. Our corporate philosophy is based on three cornerstones: Openness, Analysis and Personal advice:

  • Openness -  We are totally open about what we earn.

You will benefit from using our services- both in the return you obtain and the time you spend on your savings and insurance. This is why we are completely open about what we charge for our advice. Our openness also allows us to select solutions from the entire market portfolio.

  • Analysis - We are one of the the industry leaders in analysis.

To support our advice, we have one of the the industry's leading analysis departments. We rate each solution based on a traffic-light system, which enables us to select the best pension solutions, structured products, funds and insurance for you as a customer.

  • Personal - We put great deal of energy into personal advice.

Our recommendations are always based on your unique needs and circumstances. This is true whether you represent a listed large cap or invest in funds privately. From your first meeting with us, you are given a personal advisor who is attentive to your goals and wishes.

Customer satisfaction

If you want to be happy with your financial advisor, engage Söderberg & Partners

We always strive for development in our work. With this in mind, we conduct regular surveys of what our customers think about us and the services we provide. The results speak for themselves: if you want to be happy with your financial advisor, engage Söderberg & Partners.


World-quality customer satisfaction!

You don't need to take our word that we deliver the market's leading advice. Our customer surveys show that we perform at world-class level - both in terms of traditional values and how easy we are to deal with. In addition, our customers agree that we create clear added value and understand their unique needs.

  • 94% of our customers recommend us to friends and colleagues
  • 90% of our customers think we are easy to deal with
  • 76% of our customers think we are the industry's innovators


No. 1 according to the Swedish Quality Index

The Swedish Quality Index’s annual survey of how customers perceive different operators in the financial industry is now finished and has been released. For the 7th time, Söderberg & Partners is ranked as No. 1!


Quality work

Within Söderberg & Partners, several departments work on direct quality areas. The most important ones are Operational excellence, Internal quality control, Risk control and Internal audit. Söderberg & Partners’ quality work aims to ensure that we deliver a high level of quality to our customers. One of the ways in which the quality work is measured is through the Satisfied Customer Index, at both individual and company level, and this is included in the evaluation of the advisor’s work.

Operational Excellence

Operational excellence works on a cross-functional basis throughout Söderberg & Partners. Söderberg & Partners’ definition of operational Excellence is “meeting the customer’s needs by constantly developing and providing the best products and services in the most resource-efficient way”.  These efforts include developing and implementing best practices to ensure satisfied customers.

The method used contains four steps:

  • Current status analysis
  • Desired situation
  • Implementation
  • Follow-up

Four key processes at Söderberg & Partners are Customer reconciliation, Planning and management, Individual advice and Addressing new needs/problems.


Internal quality control

In addition to the external compliance function, Söderberg & Partners has created an internal quality control unit aimed at ensuring effective control of the quality of advice. Söderberg & Partners’ advisors are required to document what happens at an advisory meeting. After the advisory meeting, the documentation is entered into Söderberg & Partners’ IT system. All advisory documentation is filed in digital searchable records, with automatic control of certain parts of it.

Manual quality control of randomly selected advisory situations is also conducted on ten occasions per quarter and advisor. On examination of the records of an advisory meeting, a check is made that the advisor has completed satisfactory documentation of the advice. The outcome of the quality control is directly linked to the advisor’s incentive.

Internal quality control is an important component of being able to work on continuous improvement of the business. The company’s manual on advisory services is regularly updated with best practices so that it can serve as a tool for the advisor when giving advice to customers. The different steps in internal quality control are described below.


Risk control

Söderberg & Partners has a centrally established function for risk management and risk control which is independent of the business. The function provides the Board and management with information about the company’s risks and analyses of risk development, and, if appropriate, proposes amendments to policy documents and processes.  By identifying risk areas and proposing any necessary measures, Söderberg & Partners continuously manages and improves its risk situation.

Söderberg & Partners also minimises its operational risks by establishing and implementing the required rules, instructions and guidelines for each part of the business, by following up the knowledge requirements for management and employees laid down in the regulations, provisions and general guidelines governing its operations and by taking out liability insurance for the business.


Internal audit

Internal audit, which is an independent audit function reporting directly to the Board, conducts risk-based and rules-based audits of the operational parts of the business and other control functions (risk management and compliance functions).